Unbanked and Mastercard Join to Bring Crypto Cards to Europe!

• Unbanked, the leading provider of white-label crypto card issuance and program management service for Web3 companies has partnered with Mastercard to accelerate DeFi card issuance in Europe.
• Through this initiative, Unbanked and Mastercard are committed to enabling the issuance of cryptocurrency powered card programs focused on simplicity, security, and consumer protections.
• The Unbanked platform supports many of the Web3 industries largest players by enabling companies to create a custom branded experience for their user base.

Unbanked & Mastercard Partner Up

Unbanked and Mastercard have now teamed up to accelerate cryptocurrency-powered cards in Europe. This collaboration is aimed at providing card programs with a focus on simplicity, security and customer protection.

Litecoin Card Availability Expansion

The partnership between Unbanked and Mastercard has enabled the Litecoin Card program to become available for residents in the UK and Europe – reaching approximately 84% of Europe’s population. Litecoin is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies used on a global scale, created to provide fast payments by utilizing blockchain technology.

Unbanked Platform Support

Unbanked offers various services including white-label card issuance, crypto wallets, bank accounts and more via its API allowing large companies within Web3 industries to customize their user experience. Charlie Lee from Litecoin Foundation expressed his excitement around this expansion as it allows users outside of U.S access to the Litecoin Card program.

Mastercard’s Perspective

Christian Rau from Mastercard stressed that they want to offer choice when it comes to how people pay or get paid, hence why they are collaborating with Unbanked in order to empower choice within the market while offering safety guarantees customers would expect from their network.


The partnership between Unbanked & Mastercard will allow users throughout Europe access to cryptocurrency powered cards which provide convenience and safety without compromising efficiency or cost involved when making payments globally .