Crypto Regulation to Increase Following FTX Collapse: Mark Moss

• Mark Moss, CEO of Market Disruptor, predicts that significant regulation is coming to the cryptocurrency industry following the collapse of FTX.
• Moss believes that future cryptocurrency bull runs won’t happen and that most cryptocurrency assets will be regulated as securities in the future.
• However, Moss believes that Bitcoin will endure as it is “solving a problem that has plagued humanity from Day One.”

Mark Moss, the CEO of Market Disruptor, recently spoke to Michelle Makori, the lead anchor of Kitco News and the company’s editor-in-chief, about the cryptocurrency industry and bitcoin (BTC). He believes that the recent FTX collapse has accelerated the coming of regulation, and he thinks that most cryptocurrency assets will be regulated as securities in the future.

Moss explained that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) charges against FTX co-founder Sam Bankman-Fried define FTX’s exchange token, FTT, as an unregulated security. He also mentioned how a New Hampshire court sided with the SEC in the lawsuit against LBRY, and LBRY said the language used to sway the court’s decision “sets an extraordinarily dangerous precedent.”

The Market Disruptor executive and author of the ​​”The Un-Communist Manifesto” believes that deeming most crypto tokens as securities will likely force projects to create full disclosures for investors. He said that “Imagine Ethereum going through full disclosure. Who created the token? How many [coins] are controlled by insiders?”

Moss also predicted that future cryptocurrency bull runs probably won’t happen, but he believes that Bitcoin will continue to see demand as it is “solving a problem that has plagued humanity from Day One.” He believes that the cryptocurrency industry will be subject to significant regulation in the near future and the challenges associated with this will be overcome.

BMW Partners With Coinweb to Introduce Blockchain-Based Tools!

• BMW, the German car manufacturer, has partnered with Coinweb, a decentralized blockchain layer 2-based company, to introduce blockchain-based tools to its operations.
• These tools include a smart contracts platform to streamline financing processes, and a blockchain-based loyalty program to reward customers.
• Binance’s BNB Chain will be used as the anchor chain for these transactions due to its performance-to-cost ratio.

The luxury car manufacturer BMW has recently announced a partnership with Coinweb, a decentralized blockchain layer 2-based company, to introduce blockchain-based tools to its operations. This alliance will bring the advantages of decentralized ledger technology (DLT) to the automotive company, with the objective of streamlining different processes that need to be completed for the financing of BMW-branded vehicles.

The development of the smart contracts platform would encompass the implementation of an Anti Money Laundering (AML) & Know Your Customer (KYC) tool, adapted to the regulations of Thailand, where the project will take place. This system will help the car manufacturer to improve its efficiency, reduce costs and mitigate risks in the operations related to vehicle financing.

Additionally, this partnership also contemplates the creation of a blockchain-based loyalty program to reward customers of the brand with products and services, assigning a rank to each customer directly related to their rewards accumulation.

To ensure the reliability of the transactions, Coinweb will use Binance’s BNB Chain as the anchor chain due to its performance-to-cost ratio. However, the transactions could be broadcasted to other blockchains if needed, providing flexibility to the system.

The introduction of DLT-based tools is a part of BMW’s strategy to bring the most advanced technologies to the automotive sector, and to offer superior services to its customers. The company is confident that this alliance with Coinweb will help to further improve its processes, and to establish an innovative loyalty program that will reward its customers for their loyalty.

Venezuela Working to Monitor Crypto-Related Transactions to Protect Bolivar Value

• Sudeban, the Venezuelan banking watchdog, is currently working on a mechanism to review crypto-related transactions in real-time to control the influence these have on the currency exchange market.
• The Venezuelan government is aiming to monitor the the movements of crypto-based P2P exchanges to protect the value of the bolivar.
• More than 75 bank accounts have been blocked due to suspicious activity related to cryptocurrency transactions since the end of 2021.

As the cryptocurrency industry continues to grow, governments around the world are taking steps to keep up with the changing digital financial landscape. In Venezuela, the banking watchdog Sudeban is working on a system to monitor crypto-related transactions to protect the value of the national currency, the bolivar.

The organization has stated that its goal is to “fight the irregular practices that attack our currency and the stability of the exchange market.” To this end, they are designing a system that can review crypto-based transaction in real-time, with the help of Sunacrip, the national cryptocurrency regulator. The aim is to monitor the movements of peer-to-peer (P2P) crypto exchanges and the U.S. dollar – Venezuelan bolivar exchange rate, which analysts have linked to the recent cryptocurrency drought in the country.

In addition, more than 75 bank accounts have been blocked due to suspicious activity related to cryptocurrency transactions since the end of 2021, as reported by Legalrocks, a national financial information website. This is part of the government’s efforts to clamp down on illegal activities associated with cryptocurrencies and protect the value of the bolivar.

The Venezuelan government is clearly taking steps to ensure that the cryptocurrency industry does not have a negative impact on their economy. While the country has been hit hard by the global pandemic, the government’s efforts to protect the value of the bolivar are a positive sign that they are taking the industry seriously and looking to safeguard the stability of the currency.

Ethereum Transitions to PoS, Burns $8.78B in Value

• Ethereum has transitioned from proof-of-work (PoW) to proof-of-stake (PoS) and in the 105 days since, 4,790.45 ether or $5.7 million in value has been added to the supply.
• Ethereum’s current issuance rate of new coins per annum is 0.014%, a stark contrast to the simulated PoW inflation rate of 3.58% per year.
• To date, 2,795,773 ether or $8.78 billion in U.S. dollar value has been burned by destroying ETH since the Aug. 5, 2021 London Hard Fork.

Since the launch of Ethereum in late July 2015, the blockchain network has gone through numerous changes and improvements. In September of 2022, Ethereum transitioned from a proof-of-work (PoW) consensus algorithm to a proof-of-stake (PoS) network. This transition has allowed for a more secure, efficient, and decentralized blockchain network that has seen significant growth since its transition.

According to metrics, Ethereum’s issuance rate of new coins has dropped considerably and only 4,790.45 ether has been minted since The Merge took place on Sept. 15, 2022. This is in stark contrast to what it would have been if Ethereum was still a PoW chain, with a simulated inflation rate of 3.58% per year. That would have been approximately 1,247,674.60 ether added to the supply by 10:15 a.m. (ET) on Dec. 29, 2022, instead of $5.7 million in value added.

In addition to the lower issuance rate, Ethereum also has a burn mechanism, in which ether is destroyed and taken out of circulation. To date, 2,795,773 ether or $8.78 billion in U.S. dollar value has been burned by destroying ETH since the Aug. 5, 2021 London Hard Fork. According to Dune Analytics, the biggest leader in terms of the number of ETH burned is tied to the Ethereum Improvement Proposal 1559.

The transition to the PoS consensus algorithm has been the biggest milestone for the Ethereum network since its inception. The lower issuance rate and burn mechanism have contributed to the network’s overall security and efficiency, and have further cemented Ethereum as one of the most trusted blockchain networks in existence. With the number of validators set to exceed 500,000 in 2023, the Ethereum network is sure to become even stronger.

Kraken Exits Japan, Withdraw Funds Before Jan. 31 to Avoid Losses

• Kraken will cease its operations in Japan and deregister from the Financial Services Agency (JFSA) as of January 31, 2023.
• All affected clients have until Jan. 31 to withdraw their fiat and crypto holdings, the announcement adds, noting that deposit functionality will be removed on Jan. 9.
• The crypto market has suffered significantly this year, with bitcoin falling more than 65% year-to-date.

Kraken, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, has decided to shut down services in Japan due to the current Japanese market conditions and a weak global crypto market. According to the company, the resources needed for further growth in Japan are no longer justified.

The decision to exit the Japanese crypto market is part of the company’s efforts to prioritize resources and investments in areas that align with the company’s strategy and will best position Kraken for long-term success. Kraken has informed all affected clients that they have until January 31st to withdraw their fiat and crypto holdings, and that deposit functionality will be removed on January 9th. The company is also fully funded to ensure all affected clients can withdraw their assets in a timely manner.

The global crypto market has been in a state of flux this year, with Bitcoin falling more than 65% year-to-date. This has had a knock-on effect on many cryptocurrency companies, with several filing for bankruptcy, including FTX, Three Arrows Capital (3AC), Voyager Digital, and others. Other exchanges have also had to make tough decisions, with Kraken being the latest to make the decision to exit the Japanese market.

Kraken’s exit from Japan is yet another sign of the instability of the crypto market and the need for companies to carefully plan their strategies in order to ensure long-term success. It is also a reminder of the importance of diversifying investments and not putting all one’s eggs in one basket. With the crypto market in a state of flux, investors must be vigilant and ensure that their crypto portfolios are well-diversified to minimize losses.

Argentine Senate Discusses Crypto Regulation to Protect Investors

• The Argentine Senate is discussing a project to regulate the way individuals and organizations promote cryptocurrency.
• The objective of this project is to educate consumers on the dangers of investing in crypto and to protect them from investing in crypto Ponzi schemes.
• The meeting proposed that any crypto-related publicity would have to include slogans explaining the risks that such investments carry.

The Argentine Senate is currently discussing a project that aims to regulate the way in which individuals and organizations promote cryptocurrency. The main objective of this project is to provide consumers with the necessary education to understand the potential risks associated with investing in cryptocurrency, as well as to protect them from being scammed by Ponzi schemes.

The meeting, which saw the presence of Sebastian Negri and Martín Breinlinger, members of the Argentine Securities Commission, presented several cryptocurrency schemes that had promotion and advertising through different media. It was proposed that any crypto-related publicity should include slogans and warnings that explain the risks that such investments carry.

Senator Eduardo Andrada and others spoke in favor of the project, arguing that it would provide potential investors with the necessary information to make an informed decision. Negri emphasized the benefits that the approval of such a law would bring to potential investors, stating “With the rise of Bitcoin from 10,000 to 69,000 dollars, what they did was promise people that the profitability that occurred the previous year would continue, and this is not the case.”

Meanwhile, other senators and attendants had different views regarding the project, arguing that it could be interpreted as an implicit endorsement of cryptocurrency investments, and that it could potentially lead to an increase in the number of scams.

The discussion is still ongoing, and it is yet to be seen if the project is approved and implemented. If it is, it will be a step forward in providing more protection to consumers and helping to prevent the spread of fraudulent cryptocurrency schemes.

Gumi, Square Enix, and SBI Holdings Enter Strategic Alliance to Tap Into Metaverse

• Japanese mobile gaming company Gumi has entered a strategic alliance with Square Enix and SBI Holdings, issuing new stock valued at $52.7 million dollars.
• The alliance will give Gumi access to the financial and content creation experience of its partners, allowing it to pivot towards digital immersive entertainment and the metaverse.
• Gumi’s target is to make the metaverse business a second earnings pillar in addition to its current mobile online game business.

The gaming industry has seen a tremendous growth in recent years, with more and more companies looking to include immersive elements in their games. One such company is Gumi, a Japanese mobile gaming company that has just announced a capital and business alliance with Square Enix and SBI Holdings.

The three companies have entered into the alliance in order to build new business opportunities around the metaverse. The deal includes the issuance of new shares valued at $52.7 million, which will give SBI Holdings a 22.46% stake in the company and make it the top shareholder. Square Enix will have a marginal stake of 3.01%.

Gumi’s target is the metaverse, and the funds raised will be invested to grow this new metaverse business “at an even faster rate than ever before.” As part of the alliance, Gumi will also have a platform to list the tokens it wants to issue as part of its future game strategy.

The alliance will give Gumi access to the financial and content creation experience of its partners, allowing it to pivot towards digital immersive entertainment and the metaverse. The company has declared that it is working to make the metaverse business a second earnings pillar in addition to the mobile online game business, which is the current mainstay of earnings.

Gumi is looking to capitalize on the growing interest in the metaverse and virtual worlds, and the alliance is part of its strategy to do so. By partnering with Square Enix and SBI Holdings, Gumi will be able to gain access to their experience and resources, allowing it to expand its offering and create new opportunities.

The alliance is an important step for Gumi and its partners, as it marks the beginning of a new journey for the company. The funds raised will be invested in the metaverse business, allowing Gumi to grow its offering and create new opportunities. It will be interesting to see how the company’s move towards digital immersive entertainment and the metaverse will affect the gaming industry in the future.

Bitcoin 360 AI Overview

Bitcoin 360 AI Review – Scam or Legit?

Offering advanced trading capabilities, Bitcoin 360 AI positions itself as a cryptocurrency trading bot which invests for the benefit users. Through the use of AI-driven algorithms, Bitcoin 360 AI automatically analyzes the cryptocurrency markets to make trades throughout the day.

This guide provides an overview of the Bitcoin 360 AI Cryptobot by discussing the main characteristics, features as well as its advantages and advantages and. We also examine whether the bot is fraudulent or legitimate.

For a quick overview of some of the primary advantages this trading bot cryptocurrency project has to offer, we’ve presented a list of deposit options, tokens and more in the following.

Type of Platform Crypto Trading Multi-Asset Platform
Cryptocurrencies Available BTC, ETH, BCH, BNB, LTC, DASH, BT and more
Withdrawal Speeds 12-hour withdrawal times
Minimum Deposit $250

Bitcoin 360 AI Platform: Explained

The cryptocurrency market has been noted for their ability to bring extreme levels of volatility and risks for investors. In the year 2022, major cryptocurrency markets, like Bitcoin and Ethereum are losing more than half of their value.

In this volatile market cryptocurrency trading is a high risk , and can lead to portfolio losses. Yet, Bitcoin 360 AI offers an investment platform that uses its advanced software to scan the market and make profitable trades.

Bitcoin 360 AI

All investors need to start by creating an account, make a deposit of at least $250 to start trading. This software is extremely helpful for investors new to trading and who want for digital investments with minimal or no effort. According to the Bitcoin 360 AI Website Investors can take their money out anytime, and the withdrawal is processed, and will show up on your account in 12-14 days.

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin 360 AI


  • Auto Software for trading
  • Multi-assets Support for Multi-asset
  • 24/7 Trading
  • Quick withdrawals
  • No prior experience in trading is required.


  • A high minimum deposit of $250
  • Very little transparency regarding the background of the company

What is The Bitcoin 360 AI Platform Operate?

Bitcoin 360 AI is a Bitcoin 360 AI platform offers two options to trade which include completely automated robot mode as well as an option for manual trading. The first option is that Bitcoin 360 AI uses advanced technology to implement an AI-based application that analyzes the markets for cryptocurrency. All the trading responsibility has been handed over by the investor to the machine which allows the program to instantly buy and sell open positions.

The other alternative is to use the manual setting that allows investors to start new trades without requiring approval. But, based on preference of the setting, investors will still be offered new positions and trades through the robot for auto trading.

According to the Bitcoin 360 AI website, the site claims to offer modern technology that scans cryptocurrency 0.01 seconds quicker that the average market. The data can be used to analyse price fluctuations and forecast the future price of big capital cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and many others.

It is possible to use the Bitcoin 360 AI platform functions 24/7 , with just the click. All that investors have to do is sign up for an account, pay for funds and enable the software live. The software is continuously creating new trades every day, through the use of fundamental and technical analysis.

Bitcoin 360 AI Top Features:

The following sections provide a more detailed look at the most significant features Bitcoin 360 AI has to provide:

Security Systems

The Bitcoin 360 AI Website It is believed that the traders’ and investors data are 100% secure. The platform has implemented a variety of sophisticated security protocols and safeguards to protect information of the consumer, like SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption.

In addition the accounts are password-protected also.

Praised Technology

Bitcoin 360 AI claims to be one of the most effective cryptocurrency trading tools in the market. The bot for trading offers an easy-to-use interface for users which makes trading easy for investors. In addition, the bot boasts of using an award-winning algorithm that analyzes various crypto markets and generates profitable trades.

Bitcoin 360 AI states that it has the 99.6 percent chance of success, and this is an advantage in the eyes of many traders. However, there’s no concrete evidence to confirm this figure. In addition, we weren’t capable of verifying the claims as all options are available only following the initial payment of $250.

Fast Trading Times

Due to the volatility of cryptos, their prices change every second. Thus, even a second could result in huge differences when entering and exiting an exchange. Although achieving success with humans is not easy in this situation, Bitcoin 360 AI claims to be able to analyze the market 0.01 seconds ahead of the other platforms.

This way this, the robot could create potentially lucrative trades every day. We do not have specific evidence to back this assertion, due to the lack transparency on the website.

Bitcoin 360 AI: Platform Costs

Based on the Bitcoin 360 AI site, the robot for trading in cryptocurrency is free of additional charges or subscription fees. After registering an account, and depositing at least $250 traders will be granted access to AI software, which begins to monitor the market for cryptocurrency.

We did further research and could not find any additional fees for trading that this crypto platform may charge. Due to the insufficient details available prior to making an investment, we recommend that investors conduct their own research prior to making any investment in any exchange.

Trading Fees None
Account Fees None
Software Cost None

Is Bitcoin 360 AI a Scam or Legit?

Its Bitcoin 360 AI crypto trading bot claims to provide an auto trading bot with high-speed that has high-quality success rates for traders. Additionally, the website states that new investors are able to access demo accounts in order to explore trading capabilities and can withdraw their money at any time.

But, the absence of data makes the claims difficult to confirm. After depositing a minimum of $250, investors are able to use the software for free for trading as well as learning more about the reliability of this robot. We advise interested customers to do their own research and carefully test the platform before making any deposits.

How to Start Trading using Bitcoin 360 Ai

After a thorough study of this cryptocurrency trading platform, customers can choose whether or not to invest in Bitcoin360 AI. If you decide to invest, we’ve laid out a step-by step procedure to get started trading on the platform in the following steps:

1: Sign Up

In the beginning, traders Visit on the Bitcoin 360 Ai website Fill out the easy registration form to the right side of the screen.

Information to enter includes your full name, telephone number, and email address. Click on “Register Now” to proceed.

2: Deposit Funds

Once the account has been created the investors are now able to make a deposit as low as $250. It is not recommended to deposit more before attempting to test the trading software and strategies.

3: Demo Trading

Based on Bitcoin 360 AI, the platform has the possibility of a demo account. It is a way to use the software without trading actual funds.

4: Start Trading

Then, investors can open the trading account that they have been using for years. Investors can modify their trading preferences by selecting the risk parameters they want to use. The platform also offers investors the option of deciding how much autonomy they wish to the AI algorithm to enjoy.

Traders are able to invest by hand, or use an automatic option that will make the software live and let it execute transactions on behalf of the traders. However, we weren’t capable of verifying any of these claims.


This guide reviews Bitcoin 360 AI – a cryptocurrency trading robot that continuously analyzes the market for cryptocurrency to identify potential lucrative trades. According to this robot it is highly reliable in its accuracy and can open/close daily positions for the user. However, we weren’t in a position to confirm these claims.

We advise interested customers that they conduct their own investigation and then decide if Bitcoin 360 AI is a fake or genuine.

Wie man Bitcoin und Kryptowährung mit PayPal kauft

Während sich Bitcoin als neue Form des elektronischen Geldes stark weiterentwickelt hat, ist PayPal nach wie vor der Standard für Online-Geldtransfers. Aufgrund der Beliebtheit von PayPal im Internet denken viele, dass es perfekt für den Handel im Bitcoin-Ökosystem geeignet wäre; es gibt jedoch wesentliche Unterschiede zwischen diesen beiden Zahlungsmethoden, die sie größtenteils inkompatibel machen. In diesem Artikel erörtern wir die Vorteile und Herausforderungen, mit denen Nutzer konfrontiert werden, wenn sie Bitcoin mit PayPal kaufen möchten, sowie die von ihnen bevorzugten Methoden, dies zu tun.

  • Höhere Gebühren beim Kauf von Kryptowährungen über PayPal
  • Strenge Beschränkungen, wie viel Kryptowährung Nutzer über PayPal kaufen können
  • Die meisten Börsen bieten nicht einmal PayPal als Option an.

Geschichte von PayPal und Kryptowährungen

PayPal wurde 1998 ins Leben gerufen, und seine ursprünglichen Ziele entsprachen in etwa denen von Bitcoin. PayPal wollte eine neue Form des Online-Geldes schaffen, die reibungslos ist und das Senden von Zahlungen so einfach macht wie das Senden von E-Mails.

Die zentralisierte Natur von PayPal bedeutete jedoch, dass das Unternehmen nie so innovativ und grenzüberschreitend sein konnte, wie es gehofft hatte. Trotzdem wurde PayPal schließlich zum De-facto-Standard für Online-Zahlungen.

Allerdings hat PayPal bisher nicht gut mit Bitcoin funktioniert. Der Grund dafür ist, dass PayPal-Transaktionen im Gegensatz zu Zahlungen in Kryptowährungen nicht sofort nach ihrer Ausführung abgerechnet werden. Der Unterschied in der Zahlungsabwicklung auf diesen separaten Plattformen macht sie weitgehend unvereinbar mit dem vertrauenslosen Handel.

Das Gleiche gilt für die Verwendung von PayPal zum Kauf beliebter Alt-Währungen wie Ethereum, Tether und Litecoin. PayPal und Kryptowährungsbörsen funktionieren einfach nicht gut zusammen. Sie müssen wahrscheinlich einen Vermittler finden, um Bitcoin oder eine andere Kryptowährung mit PayPal zu kaufen oder zu verkaufen.

Die Vorteile von PayPal für Kryptowährungen

Trotz der Schwierigkeiten, die mit dem Kauf von Kryptowährungen über PayPal verbunden sind, entscheiden sich viele Menschen aufgrund der Bequemlichkeit der Plattform für diesen Weg. PayPal ist für jeden verfügbar, der dringend Kryptowährung benötigt, da Zahlungen sofort getätigt werden können. Trotz der Gebühren und niedrigen Limits kann PayPal, je nachdem, wo Sie sich auf der Welt befinden, der schnellste Weg sein, um Kryptowährungen zu erhalten.

Die Nachteile von PayPal für Kryptowährungen

Es gibt eine Reihe von Nachteilen bei der Verwendung von PayPal zum Kauf von Kryptowährungen, und dies ist eine Option, die Sie wahrscheinlich vermeiden sollten, wenn Sie nicht in Eile sind. Der Kauf von Bitcoin und anderen Kryptowährungen mit PayPal ist mit höheren Gebühren verbunden als die Verwendung einer Kreditkarte und viel höher als die Verwendung Ihres Bankkontos für eine Banküberweisung. Zudem sind die Limits auf den wenigen Plattformen, die PayPal überhaupt als Zahlungsoption akzeptieren, extrem niedrig.

Der vielleicht größte Nachteil bei der Verwendung von PayPal Cryptocurrency ist, dass es einfach sehr schwierig ist, dies zu tun. Die meisten großen Krypto-Börsen akzeptieren derzeit keine PayPal-Zahlungen.

Häufig gestellte Fragen zu PayPal

Ist PayPal eine Kryptowährung?

PayPal ist keine Kryptowährung, sondern eine Online-Zahlungsplattform. Es ist jedoch möglich, dass PayPal eines Tages Bitcoin als akzeptierte Währung in seine Plattform integrieren wird.

Kann man Ethereum an PayPal überweisen?

Obwohl es nicht möglich ist, Ethereum direkt an PayPal zu überweisen, ist es möglich, dies über Coinbase als Vermittler zu tun. Zuerst müssen Sie Ihr Ethereum an Coinbase senden (wenn es nicht bereits auf der Börse gelistet ist). Sie müssen dann das Ethereum gegen die lokale Fiat-Währung Ihrer Wahl verkaufen. Schließlich können Sie Ihre Fiat-Gelder auf Ihr PayPal-Konto einzahlen.

Akzeptiert PayPal Bitcoin?

PayPal akzeptiert derzeit keine Bitcoin, aber eine PayPal-Tochter namens Braintree ermöglicht es Händlern, die Kryptowährung für Online-Zahlungen zu akzeptieren.

Kann ich eine PayPal-Kreditkarte verwenden, um Kryptowährungen zu kaufen?

Ja, Sie können Ihre PayPal-Kreditkarte für den Kauf von Kryptowährungen verwenden. Es ist jedoch zu beachten, dass der Kauf von Kryptowährungen per Kreditkarte die gleichen Nachteile hat wie der Kauf von Kryptowährungen per PayPal.

Ist PayPal besser als Kryptowährungen?

PayPal und Kryptowährungen sind nicht wirklich vergleichbar. PayPal ist eine Online-Zahlungsplattform, während Kryptowährungen eine völlig neue Form von Geld sind. Ob PayPal oder Kryptowährungen für Sie besser geeignet sind, hängt vom jeweiligen Anwendungsfall ab. Als Zahlungsmittel sind Kryptowährungen auf unregulierten Märkten in der Regel die bessere Wahl.

Kann ich Coinbase mit PayPal bezahlen?

Sie können Coinbase nicht mit Ihrem PayPal-Konto aufladen, aber Sie können Geld von Coinbase auf Ihr PayPal-Konto abheben.

Hat PayPal eine eigene Kryptowährung?

PayPal hat keine eigene Kryptowährung, war aber ursprünglich am Kryptowährungsprojekt Libra von Facebook beteiligt. PayPal ist inzwischen aus dem Verband ausgetreten, der an dem Libra-Projekt beteiligt war.

Ist PayPal mit Kryptowährungen vergleichbar?

Es scheint, dass PayPal Kryptowährungen nicht kritisch gegenübersteht, aber das bedeutet nicht, dass sie Kryptowährungen mögen. Im Allgemeinen hat PayPal den gleichen Ansatz wie viele andere Online-Zahlungsanbieter gewählt, in dem Sinne, dass sie es nicht besonders eilig haben, Kryptowährungen auf ihren Plattformen einzuführen. PayPal würde jedoch wahrscheinlich Bitcoin oder andere Kryptowährungen in einer Situation integrieren, in der die Technologie ein Geschäftsproblem für das Unternehmen lösen könnte.

Kryptowährungen scheinen nicht nur eine Eintagsfliege zu sein,

Kryptowährungen scheinen nicht nur eine Eintagsfliege zu sein, denn es ist nicht nur der Währungsaspekt, der sie so attraktiv macht.

Es sind die Technologie, die Innovation, die große Reichweite und die Auswirkungen, die sie auf die Art und Weise haben werden, wie wir Dinge tun.

Ob im Geschäftsleben, im Finanzwesen oder beim Einkaufen – die Technologie, die mit diesen neuen Währungsformen einhergeht, wird voraussichtlich ebenso populär sein, wenn nicht sogar noch populärer als die Währung selbst.

Aber lassen Sie uns erst einmal bei den Grundlagen bleiben: Sollten Sie sich mit Kryptowährungen beschäftigen, und wenn ja, wie fängt man mit Kryptowährungen an?

Bei der Fülle an Informationen, die es zu diesem Thema gibt, kann es ein wenig verwirrend sein, deshalb haben wir alles in einem Artikel für Sie zusammengefasst. Sie sind herzlich willkommen. Lesen wir weiter, um mehr zu erfahren!

Investieren oder ausgeben?

Leitfaden für Kryptowährungsanfänger

Wenn Sie sich mit Kryptowährungen beschäftigen wollen, gibt es verschiedene Gründe, die Sie motivieren könnten.

Zum einen können Sie daran interessiert sein, Münzen zu kaufen, um sie zu investieren und langfristig zu halten, in der Hoffnung, dass sie im Wert steigen und eine gesunde Rendite bieten.

Oder Sie möchten Münzen kaufen, um Transaktionen im Austausch für Waren und Dienstleistungen durchzuführen oder sogar mit anderen Münzen zu handeln.

Die meisten Kryptowährungsfans neigen dazu, ein wenig von beidem zu tun.

Sie investieren einen bestimmten Prozentsatz ihres Geldes in verschiedene Münzen, um sie langfristig zu halten, und erstellen ein Portfolio von Investitionen, das sie überwachen, um den Wert und den Gewinn zu maximieren.

Mit dem verbleibenden Prozentsatz ihrer verfügbaren Mittel kaufen sie beliebte Coins wie Litecoin, Bitcoin und Ethereum und verwenden sie, um Transaktionen durchzuführen und für Waren, Produkte, Dienstleistungen oder mehr zu bezahlen.

Sie können sich für eines von beidem entscheiden, aber wenn Sie unseren Rat wollen, empfehlen wir Ihnen, ein bisschen von beidem zu tun.

Handeln oder nicht handeln?

Online-Handel mit Kryptowährungen

Wenn Sie eine Kryptowährung kaufen oder verkaufen, übernehmen Sie aktiv das Eigentum an der Münze selbst.

Diese Käufe werden über eine Kryptowährungsbörse abgewickelt, und Sie müssen auch eine Kryptowährungs-Brieftasche wählen, um Ihre Kryptowährung sicher und geschützt aufzubewahren.

Wenn Sie mit Kryptowährungen handeln, liegen die Dinge ein wenig anders.

Wenn Sie Ihre Wetten streuen oder sogar direkt mit Ihrer Kryptowährung handeln, spekulieren Sie darauf, ob der von Ihnen gewählte Markt steigen oder fallen wird; wenn Sie mit Kryptowährungen handeln, haben Sie eigentlich nie direkten Besitz an der Währung, mit der Sie handeln.

Der Handel mit Kryptowährungen macht sehr viel Spaß, und wenn Sie es richtig anstellen, können Sie sich einen ordentlichen Gewinn sichern. Es ist schnell und einfach, ein Konto zu eröffnen, und Sie können in der Regel innerhalb von fünf Minuten mit dem Handel beginnen.

Allerdings müssen Sie den Finger am Puls der Kryptowährungsbranche haben, z. B. durch das Lesen von Nachrichten und die Beobachtung von Trends und einer ganzen Reihe von Charts.

Um den wesentlichen Unterschied zu verstehen, lesen Sie unseren Artikel über den Unterschied zwischen dem Investieren und dem Handel mit Kryptowährungen.

Investieren in Kryptowährungen

Wenn Sie sich entscheiden, in Kryptowährungen zu investieren, müssen Sie sich eine Börse suchen, an der Sie Ihre Münzen kaufen können.

Es gibt zwei Arten von Börsen: solche, bei denen Sie Ihre Kryptowährung mit Fiat-Währung kaufen können, und solche, bei denen Sie bereits eine Währung wie Bitcoin besitzen müssen, um andere Arten von Münzen kaufen zu können.

Investieren ist auch ein langfristiges Unterfangen. Kryptowährungen schwanken schnell im Wert, und wenn Sie einen Gewinn erzielen wollen, müssen Sie sich auf eine lange Wartezeit einstellen.

Weitere Informationen finden Sie in unserem Leitfaden über die Auswahl von Kryptowährungen zum Investieren.