Mystery 7zip File Linked to Julian Assange Discovered in Bitcoin Blockchain

• A Reddit user discovered a 7zip file containing a file named “Julianassange.txt” in the Bitcoin blockchain
• Many speculated that it was created by Julian Assange as a “dead man’s switch”
• The contents of the 7zip remain unknown until someone cracks it

Redditor Discovers 7zip File Possibly Linked to Julian Assange

A Reddit user recently discovered an encrypted 7zip file hidden in the Bitcoin blockchain, which may be linked to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. According to u/sprxzk34620, who posted about the discovery on r/bitcoin, the file can be obtained by splicing the pubkhash seg of all output scripts from a specific transaction that occurred on January 5th 2017 and was mined at block height 446,713.

Speculation Surrounds Purpose of File

The file is labeled “Julianassange.txt” leading many to speculate that it was created by Assange himself as a “dead man’s switch” – i.e., data intended to be released publicly if something happens to him. Others have suggested that it may contain an encrypted link or files exposing sensitive information related to Wikileaks or Assange himself. However, others are more skeptical and suggest it’s likely just a hoax given its name and content.

Coincidence with Video Read From Blockchain Hash

Coincidentally, this transaction took place five days before Assange read from Bitcoin’s block hash height 447,506 in a recorded video- seemingly proving he was still alive at the time despite being held up for eight years in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. When asked about his wellbeing he stated: “Don’t take some cryptographic proof as evidence that I am okay…I’m not.” He was later arrested when police raided the embassy on April 11th 2019.

Content of 7Zip Remains Unknown Until Cracked

Unless someone is able to crack open this encrypted zipfile, its contents will remain unknown and speculation around whether or not it is associated with Wikileaks or Assange will continue indefinitely – potentially forever if no one ever manages to crack it open..

Debate Over Arbitrary Data Added To Blockchain

The discovery has also sparked debate amongst redditors over whether arbitrary data added into blockchains is wasteful and should be avoided since every byte added onto them increases their size exponentially.