Bitcoin 360 AI Overview

Bitcoin 360 AI Review – Scam or Legit?

Offering advanced trading capabilities, Bitcoin 360 AI positions itself as a cryptocurrency trading bot which invests for the benefit users. Through the use of AI-driven algorithms, Bitcoin 360 AI automatically analyzes the cryptocurrency markets to make trades throughout the day.

This guide provides an overview of the Bitcoin 360 AI Cryptobot by discussing the main characteristics, features as well as its advantages and advantages and. We also examine whether the bot is fraudulent or legitimate.

For a quick overview of some of the primary advantages this trading bot cryptocurrency project has to offer, we’ve presented a list of deposit options, tokens and more in the following.

Type of Platform Crypto Trading Multi-Asset Platform
Cryptocurrencies Available BTC, ETH, BCH, BNB, LTC, DASH, BT and more
Withdrawal Speeds 12-hour withdrawal times
Minimum Deposit $250

Bitcoin 360 AI Platform: Explained

The cryptocurrency market has been noted for their ability to bring extreme levels of volatility and risks for investors. In the year 2022, major cryptocurrency markets, like Bitcoin and Ethereum are losing more than half of their value.

In this volatile market cryptocurrency trading is a high risk , and can lead to portfolio losses. Yet, Bitcoin 360 AI offers an investment platform that uses its advanced software to scan the market and make profitable trades.

Bitcoin 360 AI

All investors need to start by creating an account, make a deposit of at least $250 to start trading. This software is extremely helpful for investors new to trading and who want for digital investments with minimal or no effort. According to the Bitcoin 360 AI Website Investors can take their money out anytime, and the withdrawal is processed, and will show up on your account in 12-14 days.

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin 360 AI


  • Auto Software for trading
  • Multi-assets Support for Multi-asset
  • 24/7 Trading
  • Quick withdrawals
  • No prior experience in trading is required.


  • A high minimum deposit of $250
  • Very little transparency regarding the background of the company

What is The Bitcoin 360 AI Platform Operate?

Bitcoin 360 AI is a Bitcoin 360 AI platform offers two options to trade which include completely automated robot mode as well as an option for manual trading. The first option is that Bitcoin 360 AI uses advanced technology to implement an AI-based application that analyzes the markets for cryptocurrency. All the trading responsibility has been handed over by the investor to the machine which allows the program to instantly buy and sell open positions.

The other alternative is to use the manual setting that allows investors to start new trades without requiring approval. But, based on preference of the setting, investors will still be offered new positions and trades through the robot for auto trading.

According to the Bitcoin 360 AI website, the site claims to offer modern technology that scans cryptocurrency 0.01 seconds quicker that the average market. The data can be used to analyse price fluctuations and forecast the future price of big capital cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and many others.

It is possible to use the Bitcoin 360 AI platform functions 24/7 , with just the click. All that investors have to do is sign up for an account, pay for funds and enable the software live. The software is continuously creating new trades every day, through the use of fundamental and technical analysis.

Bitcoin 360 AI Top Features:

The following sections provide a more detailed look at the most significant features Bitcoin 360 AI has to provide:

Security Systems

The Bitcoin 360 AI Website It is believed that the traders’ and investors data are 100% secure. The platform has implemented a variety of sophisticated security protocols and safeguards to protect information of the consumer, like SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption.

In addition the accounts are password-protected also.

Praised Technology

Bitcoin 360 AI claims to be one of the most effective cryptocurrency trading tools in the market. The bot for trading offers an easy-to-use interface for users which makes trading easy for investors. In addition, the bot boasts of using an award-winning algorithm that analyzes various crypto markets and generates profitable trades.

Bitcoin 360 AI states that it has the 99.6 percent chance of success, and this is an advantage in the eyes of many traders. However, there’s no concrete evidence to confirm this figure. In addition, we weren’t capable of verifying the claims as all options are available only following the initial payment of $250.

Fast Trading Times

Due to the volatility of cryptos, their prices change every second. Thus, even a second could result in huge differences when entering and exiting an exchange. Although achieving success with humans is not easy in this situation, Bitcoin 360 AI claims to be able to analyze the market 0.01 seconds ahead of the other platforms.

This way this, the robot could create potentially lucrative trades every day. We do not have specific evidence to back this assertion, due to the lack transparency on the website.

Bitcoin 360 AI: Platform Costs

Based on the Bitcoin 360 AI site, the robot for trading in cryptocurrency is free of additional charges or subscription fees. After registering an account, and depositing at least $250 traders will be granted access to AI software, which begins to monitor the market for cryptocurrency.

We did further research and could not find any additional fees for trading that this crypto platform may charge. Due to the insufficient details available prior to making an investment, we recommend that investors conduct their own research prior to making any investment in any exchange.

Trading Fees None
Account Fees None
Software Cost None

Is Bitcoin 360 AI a Scam or Legit?

Its Bitcoin 360 AI crypto trading bot claims to provide an auto trading bot with high-speed that has high-quality success rates for traders. Additionally, the website states that new investors are able to access demo accounts in order to explore trading capabilities and can withdraw their money at any time.

But, the absence of data makes the claims difficult to confirm. After depositing a minimum of $250, investors are able to use the software for free for trading as well as learning more about the reliability of this robot. We advise interested customers to do their own research and carefully test the platform before making any deposits.

How to Start Trading using Bitcoin 360 Ai

After a thorough study of this cryptocurrency trading platform, customers can choose whether or not to invest in Bitcoin360 AI. If you decide to invest, we’ve laid out a step-by step procedure to get started trading on the platform in the following steps:

1: Sign Up

In the beginning, traders Visit on the Bitcoin 360 Ai website Fill out the easy registration form to the right side of the screen.

Information to enter includes your full name, telephone number, and email address. Click on “Register Now” to proceed.

2: Deposit Funds

Once the account has been created the investors are now able to make a deposit as low as $250. It is not recommended to deposit more before attempting to test the trading software and strategies.

3: Demo Trading

Based on Bitcoin 360 AI, the platform has the possibility of a demo account. It is a way to use the software without trading actual funds.

4: Start Trading

Then, investors can open the trading account that they have been using for years. Investors can modify their trading preferences by selecting the risk parameters they want to use. The platform also offers investors the option of deciding how much autonomy they wish to the AI algorithm to enjoy.

Traders are able to invest by hand, or use an automatic option that will make the software live and let it execute transactions on behalf of the traders. However, we weren’t capable of verifying any of these claims.


This guide reviews Bitcoin 360 AI – a cryptocurrency trading robot that continuously analyzes the market for cryptocurrency to identify potential lucrative trades. According to this robot it is highly reliable in its accuracy and can open/close daily positions for the user. However, we weren’t in a position to confirm these claims.

We advise interested customers that they conduct their own investigation and then decide if Bitcoin 360 AI is a fake or genuine.

Bitcoin a atteint 2% de l’ATH As Cardano

Bitcoin a atteint 2% de l’ATH As Cardano (ADA) maintenant 4ème plus grande monnaie de cryptologie

Le bitcoin est à quelques centimètres d’un nouveau record, mais les projecteurs sont braqués sur Cardano (ADA) qui devient la 4ème plus grande cryptocouronne par la capitalisation boursière.

Après une nouvelle hausse qui a porté la CTB à 41 000 dollars, la cryptocouronne est revenue sous le niveau convoité de 40 000 dollars. La capitalisation boursière de la cryptographie a atteint un niveau supérieur à 1,2 t, mais elle a reculé car la plupart Bitcoin Trader des altcoins ont aussi légèrement reculé. Cardano est la principale exception, avec une hausse massive de 20 % qui a atteint un nouveau record en trois ans.

Le bitcoin a atteint 41 000 $ mais a reculé

La valeur de la principale monnaie de cryptologie a progressivement augmenté depuis la baisse de lundi jusqu’à ce qu’elle dépasse 37 000 dollars il y a quelques jours. Cependant, les taureaux l’ont tirée d’affaire à ce moment-là et ont fait passer la CTB au-dessus de 40 000 dollars.

En outre, le bitcoin a atteint un sommet intrajournalier de 41 000 dollars. Ainsi, la cryptocouronne s’est éloignée de 1 000 dollars seulement de son ATH de 42 000 dollars (environ 2 %).

Cependant, les ours ont intercepté le mouvement à ce moment-là et n’ont pas permis un autre bond en avant. Au contraire, la CTB a commencé à revenir à un plancher intrajournalier de 38 000 dollars. Néanmoins, elle a rebondi depuis lors et a récupéré 39 000 dollars.

D’un point de vue technique, la CTB devrait encore surmonter les lignes de résistance à 40 000 $, 40 735 $ et 41 000 $ avant de contester potentiellement 42 000 $.

Alternativement, les niveaux de soutien de 38 550 $ et 38 000 $ pourraient aider au cas où le prix chuterait à nouveau.

Le nouveau record de Cardano pendant que les Alts retracent

La plupart des pièces alternatives ont enregistré des gains importants ces derniers jours, ce qui a permis à Ethereum, Polkadot et Binance Coin d’atteindre de nouveaux sommets. En conséquence, la capitalisation boursière totale a également atteint un record de 1 220 milliards de dollars.

Toutefois, la situation a quelque peu changé au cours des dernières 24 heures. Ethereum a diminué de plus de 2% et se situe actuellement en dessous de 1.650 dollars. Le Bitcoin Cash (-5%) est en dessous de 460$.

Chainlink (-4%), Polkadot (-2%) et Litecoin (-4%) sont également dans le rouge, tandis que BNB et XRP ont enregistré des gains mineurs.

Cependant, Cardano est le gagnant le plus important parmi les 10 premiers avec une augmentation massive de 23 %. En conséquence, l’ADA a bondi à 0,67 $ – un nouveau record en trois ans pour le jeton.

  • Les gains sont plus évidents pour Decentraland (30 %), Dogecoin (21 %), Quant (16 %), Avalanche (16 %), Huobi Token (14 %), Elrond (14 %) et Decred (13 %).
  • En revanche, Nexo (-11%), FunFair (-10%), Alpha Finance Lab (-10%), 0x (-9%), Ampleforth (-8%), et Ren (-7,5%) sont les plus touchés.

Hier gehen wir wieder… Als Bitcoin Nears $40,000, Tesla CEO Elon Musk hat die Dogecoin Preis scharf höher gesendet

Bitcoin ist in den letzten Tagen ausgebrochen und kletterte seit Anfang der Woche um fast 15% und nähert sich der Marke von $40.000 pro Bitcoin.

Der Bitcoin-Preis ist gestiegen

Der Bitcoin-Preis ist gestiegen, da MicroStrategy MSTR +7,7% Chef und Bitcoin-Befürworter Michael Saylor eine virtuelle Bitcoin-Konferenz veranstaltet, um Unternehmen zu helfen, Bitcoin zu kaufen und Visa V -0,6% enthüllte seine Pläne, Banken zu helfen, Bitcoin-Kaufdienste einzuführen.

Jetzt hat Elon Musk, Teslas TSLA -2,1 % meme-happy chief executive, die “Scherz”-Kryptowährung Dogecoin scharf nach oben geschickt – ein atemberaubender 75%-Tweet: “Dogecoin ist das Volk Krypto,” neben einem dogecoin Meme.

Musk, der erst diese Woche sagte, er würde “für eine Weile von Twitter weggehen”, fügte hinzu: “Keine Höhen, keine Tiefen, nur Doge” und entfernte “#bitcoin” aus seiner Twitter-Bio.

Letzte Woche, Musk schickte den bitcoin Preis 20% höher, wenn er die Kryptowährung eine lang erwartete stillschweigende Zustimmung gab nach Einschränkungen auf den Handel von Unternehmensaktien platziert werden, die ein Schlachtfeld für bullish Einzelhändler über Reddit WallStreetBets Forum und Wall Street Hedge-Fonds organisiert haben, die seit langem die Aktien Shorting geworden.

Der Tesla- und SpaceX-CEO fuhr fort zu sagen, dass er glaubt, dass Bitcoin kurz davor ist, in die traditionelle Finanzwelt einzubrechen. Er sprach über die nur für geladene Gäste zugängliche Chat-App Clubhouse am späten Sonntagabend und fügte hinzu, dass seine Dogecoin-Kommentare nicht ernst genommen werden sollten.

“Gelegentlich mache ich Witze über Dogecoin, aber sie sind wirklich als Scherz gemeint. Dogecoin wurde als Scherz gemacht, um sich über Krypto lustig zu machen, aber das Schicksal liebt Ironie … Das unterhaltsamste Ergebnis wäre, dass Dogecoin in der Zukunft die Währung der Erde wird.”

Dogecoin brach letzte Woche kurz in die Top Ten der Kryptowährungen ein

Dogecoin brach letzte Woche kurz in die Top Ten der Kryptowährungen ein, nachdem Händler, die über Reddit- und Telegram-Gruppen organisiert waren, das digitale Token in einem “Pump-and-Dump”-Schema ins Visier nahmen.

Musk räumte auch ein, dass sein Twitter-Account mit 45 Millionen Anhängern die Fähigkeit hat, Märkte zu bewegen, indem er den Zuhörern im Clubhouse sagte:

“Ich muss vorsichtig sein, was ich sage.”

Im Dezember löste Musk während eines öffentlichen Austauschs auf Twitter Spekulationen aus, Tesla könnte Bitcoin in seine Bilanz aufnehmen, als er fragte, ob es möglich sei, Milliarden von Teslas Dollar in Bitcoin zu konvertieren. Musks freilaufende Tweets haben ihn in der Vergangenheit in heißem Wasser gelandet.

Im Jahr 2019 einigten sich die US-Börsenaufsichtsbehörde (SEC) und Musk darauf, dass er nicht über Teslas Finanzen oder Produktionszahlen twittern würde, ohne vorher eine Genehmigung einzuholen, nachdem Musk im August 2018 den berüchtigten Tweet abgesetzt hatte, dass er “die Finanzierung gesichert” habe für eine private Übernahme von Tesla zu $420 pro Aktie.

Advokater tager sigte på Ruslands kryptolovgivning

Russiske juridiske eksperter har kritiseret landets kryptolove, hvilket tyder på, at domstole i landet har kæmpet, når de tidligere har beskæftiget sig med krypto – og antyder, at den nylige lovgivning måske har gjort lidt for at løfte den juridiske tåge omkring, hvordan poletter poliseres.

Ifølge en rapport fra medierne Bitcoin Up er for nylig offentliggjort russisk lovgivning vedrørende kryptoassets juridiske og skattemæssige status designet til at redde domstole fra et juridisk myr, der har set sager, hvor dommere har estimeret prisen på enkeltpersoners kryptoassets ved at beregne værdien af de flashdrevsenheder, de blev gemt på.

Men to advokater, der taler til medierne, hævder, at de nye regler ikke har hjulpet retsvæsenet meget – overhovedet

Angelika Matushkina, en juridisk ekspert ved Moskva Digital School , advarede om, at handlende, der modtager fiat fra at sælge deres midler, stadig finder processen “problematisk”, når de beskæftiger sig med banker.

Banker ser ud til at være forvirrede over, hvordan de skal håndtere krypto, og mange søger at undgå problemer fra myndighederne – ved at tage drakonisk-lydende foranstaltninger.

Matushkina hævdede, at transaktioner, der involverer krypto, kan “blokeres” og konti “fryses”

Hun rådede forhandlere til at arrangere forebyggende møder med deres bankchefer for at diskutere de krav og dokumenter, der er nødvendige for at registrere indtægter fra kryptosalg, for at overholde nye skatteregler for deklarering af kryptofonde. Ellers advarede hun om, at erhvervsdrivende måske ”løber ind i problemer fra [regulativ] Federal Financial Monitoring Service (Rosfinmonitoring) eller bankoverholdelsesteams.

Det samme medieudbud citerer Maria Agranovskaya, en administrerende partner og fintech-advokat hos den russiske juridiske rådgiver GRAD , som siger, at de nye love har været “noget af en skuffelse”, da det oprindeligt var beregnet til “at give et grundlag for legitime aktiviteter i alle markedsdeltagere for at bringe den forskellige praksis i domstolene i orden og give bankerne mulighed for at arbejde med kryptoprojekter ”- noget Moskva hidtil ikke har gjort i mange advokaters øjne.

Zilliqa: “$52,000 worth of ZIL purchased via Telegram”.

The Cryptonomist interviewed Amrit Kumar, CEO and and Chief Scientific Officer of Zilliqa (ZIL).

How did 2020 go? What are the achievements you are most proud of?

2020 was a year of great uncertainty, with many companies facing unpredictable challenges in the midst of the pandemic and the resulting economic turmoil. Despite this, we have worked to adapt to the ‘new normal’, launching several growth projects over the past year. Seeking to promote Crypto Trader blockchain development in the region, we welcomed 8 new projects into the Zilliqa ecosystem as part of the ZILHive Accelerator Programme, which seeks to support early and late-stage start-ups using or intending to use the Zilliqa protocol to build blockchain solutions. In addition, we have also launched the ZILHive Open Finance Consortium to further our commitment to accelerate the adoption and awareness of blockchain within the FinTech space across ASEAN.

As we continue our expansion, we have also seen positive growth across the Zilliqa ecosystem. Monthly transactions reached 1,027,263 in November 2020, 15 times higher than monthly transactions in April 2019. As the Zilliqa ecosystem continues to grow into a more comprehensive environment, we have also supported a growing number of partners, totalling 56 compared to 38 last year. In addition, we have also launched several exciting partnerships, including that of Incognito, Switcheo, Travala, BUSD and Onchain Custodian, which address the diverse needs of users in the institutional, commercial and retail landscape. With usage as a key objective, we have also significantly expanded our global network of exchange and liquidity partners with the likes of Binance, OKex, Onchain Custodian, and Changelly, among others. Looking ahead to 2021, we are confident that we are well positioned to bring forward a more comprehensive, user-friendly and valuable experience for our community.

What are the plans for your 2021?

Zilliqa has always aimed to enable organisations and partners to take advantage of blockchain in an integrated and seamless way – removing the pain points that have often been a deterrent to experimenting with new technologies. This is why we are making usability, commercialisation and user experience our key areas for 2021.

Over the past year, we have been looking to increase both usage and community engagement by leveraging social platforms to develop rewards programmes that can bring value to both users and organisations. Examples include the community-focused SocialPay and the Zeeves loyalty programme. SocialPay, a Twitter-based rewards tool, was introduced to amplify Zilliqa’s community engagement by incentivising users with $ZIL for their contributions. In using SocialPay to give back to the wider community, we partnered with the Singapore Red Cross for their Covid-19 relief efforts in a donation matching campaign. Zeeves, the most advanced bot on Telegram, saw over $52,000 worth of ZIL purchased, registering over 30,000 new sign-ups and processing over 20,000 transactions. Just this month, we also launched the Zeeves loyalty programme as we continue to push for the commercialisation of blockchain technology into the mainstream.

Over the years, our smart contract technology has proven to be a sufficiently robust and secure infrastructure capable of handling complex, high-value transactions. As part of our commercialisation push, we have also brought our Blockchain-as-a-Service microservices to market, ensuring that they can be easily leveraged by users. This is something we hope to continue to do in the coming year as the robustness of our infrastructure continues to strengthen over time.

What’s next for Binance Coin (BNB) after its new record high?

BNB is trading above support at $ 39.

Technical indicators are bullish.

BNB follows a short term ascending support line

Binance Coin (BNB) price hit a new all-time high on December 29, 2020. Since then, it has continued to rise. BNB should continue to climb towards the target located at $ 50, and potentially towards $ 70.

BNB hits new record high

On June 22, 2020, BNB hit a record high of $ 39.51. It then began a considerable upward movement, descending to a low of $ 6.38 on March 13. Since then, that said, it has been on the rise.

On December 29, 2020, it hit a new high, rising to $ 44.90.

The old resistance, located at $ 39, should now serve as support.

Cryptocurrency trader @Tradingtank pointed to a BNB chart, saying the price will likely go up. He presented targets located at 46 and 52 dollars.

The technical indicators in the daily chart are bullish, supporting the continuity of the upward movement although the chart is disproportionately extended.

That said, knowing that Bitcoin Circuit is moving at its highest level to date and therefore has no resistance above its current price, we need to use a fibonacci extension in order to establish our next targets.

Additionally, the two hour chart shows BNB is also following an ascending support line. The latter coincides with the minor support located at $ 42. As long as the BNB is moving above this zone, the trend is up.

Similar to the daily data, the two hour chart indicators are also bullish

The wave count suggests that BNB is likely in wave 3 of a long-term bullish impulse (white below), which started in March.

A plausible target for the top of the entire movement would be at $ 69.58. This would give us a 1: 1.61 ratio for 1: 3 waves, which is common in bullish impulses.

The short-term chart shows that BNB is expected to peak in sub-wave 3 (in orange) while the sub-wave count is shown in black.

The most plausible targets for the top of Sub-Wave 3 are found at $ 46 and $ 50-51. They are obtained using a combination of fibonacci extensions (in orange) and projections (in black).

A SkyBridge Capital já investiu $182M em Bitcoin

A empresa de investimento SkyBridge Capital de Anthony Scaramucci investiu $182 milhões em bitcoin, de acordo com um folheto para investidores compartilhado com a CoinDesk sobre seu futuro fundo de bitcoin.

A empresa, que tem $9,3 bilhões sob gestão, está lançando o SkyBridge Bitcoin Fund LP em janeiro, de acordo com documentos da Securities and Exchange Commission arquivados em 21 de dezembro, como informou a CoinDesk.

O fundo bitcoin (BTC, +6,24%) já investiu $25 milhões em bitcoin, anunciou no folheto. O novo fundo estará aberto a partir de 4 de janeiro para investidores externos, com um investimento mínimo de US$50.000.

O investimento do fundo Scaramucci é mais uma empresa de investimento tradicional saltando no Bitcoin Evolution bandwagon, uma tendência que tem impulsionado o preço do cripto bem ao norte de US$ 20.000 nas últimas semanas.

SkyBridge: “Bitcoin é ouro digital”

Em seu folheto sobre o fundo bitcoin, a empresa expôs o apelo do bitcoin aos investidores.

“Bitcoin é ouro digital”, diz ele. “É melhor em ser ouro do que ouro”.

A brochura descreve o bitcoin como uma classe de ativos emergentes que se tornou menos arriscada nos últimos anos, com dinâmicas atraentes de oferta e demanda. O bitcoin tem tido crescente adoção no varejo e nas instituições, as notas do folheto, chamando as atuais taxas de juros baixas e “impressão de dinheiro sem precedentes” de contribuintes para o prêmio sendo colocado em “ativos escassos como ouro, bens imobiliários, arte e bitcoin”.

Uma página do folheto destaca a “respeitabilidade Bitcoin”: Wall Street abraça o bitcoin” com citações de executivos de empresas como BlackRock e bancos como Citibank e JPMorgan.

De acordo com a brochura, a SkyBridge acredita que fundos de hedge, tesoureiros de empresas públicas, seguradoras, fundos de pensão, bancos e corretoras também estarão investindo no espaço.

“Você tem que aceitar se o bitcoin é ou não uma loja de valor”, disse Scaramucci, um dos fundadores da SkyBridge, em uma recente entrevista na CNBC. “Ainda há céticos por aí e é por isso que acho que estamos no primeiro inning”. Mas depois da pesquisa que fizemos… e dada a oferta monetária e a coordenação global dos bancos centrais neste momento, esta será uma classe de ativos muito forte durante a próxima década”.

La ‘próxima gran resistencia’ de Bitcoin tiene una capitalización de mercado de $ 1 billón, dice un analista de Bloomberg

Mike McGlone, un estratega senior de materias primas de Bloomberg, ha revelado que cree que el regreso de bitcoin a su máximo histórico cercano a los $ 20,000 no es más que el comienzo de un precio que hará que la capitalización de mercado de la criptomoneda llegue a $ 1 billón.

Según un tweet que McGlone publicó en un momento en el que BTC se ha mantenido estable por encima de la marca de $ 16,000, los $ 20,000 son un obstáculo inicial a medida que avanza hacia $ 1 billón en capitalización de mercado, con la criptomoneda ahora en “ una etapa temprana de descubrimiento de precios. ”

El gráfico adjunto describe una capitalización de mercado de $ 1 billón como la “próxima gran resistencia” para BTC

McGlone señaló que “la adopción generalizada está aumentando”, probablemente refiriéndose a varias apuestas en BTC realizadas por empresas que cotizan en bolsa como MicroStrategy, que compró $ 425 millones en la criptomoneda, y Square, que compró $ 50 millones.

McGlone también puede haber señalado que la adopción generalizada está aumentando debido a PayPal y su nuevo servicio que permite a los usuarios comprar, vender y mantener criptoactivos directamente en su plataforma . Por ahora, el nuevo servicio de PayPal está disponible para los usuarios de EE. UU., Pero se espera que se lance en “mercados internacionales seleccionados” en el primer semestre de 2021.

Vale la pena señalar que el analista senior de Bloomberg es conocido por hacer predicciones de precios alcistas para BTC

Como se informó, a principios de este mes McGlone predijo que BTC rompería su máximo histórico anterior de cerca de $ 20,000 en la delantera a un repunte parabólico el próximo año.

Vale la pena señalar que otros analistas también son optimistas sobre bitcoin, en un momento de incertidumbre en los mercados en el que algunos analistas afirman que el valor del dólar estadounidense puede caer en un 20% el próximo año . Si bien las noticias de Pfizer y Moderna sobre las vacunas contra la pandemia COVID-19 llevaron a repuntes en el mercado de valores y vieron caer el precio del oro, BTC ha seguido subiendo.

Neun Jahre Gefängnis für einen ehemaligen Microsoft-Mitarbeiter, der 10 Millionen Dollar Bitcoin gestohlen hat

Nachdem er Bitcoin-Mixer zum Stehlen und Verstecken von etwa 10 Millionen Dollar bei BTC verwendet hatte, wurde ein ehemaliger Microsoft-Mitarbeiter zu neun Jahren Gefängnis verurteilt.

Ein ehemaliger Microsoft-Software-Ingenieur, der Anfang dieses Jahres für schuldig befunden wurde, wurde zu neun Jahren Gefängnis verurteilt, weil er mehr als 10 Millionen Dollar Bitcoin gestohlen hat. Der 26-jährige Ukrainer benutzte Konten und Passwörter anderer Mitarbeiter und die Dienste verschiedener Bitcoin-Mixer.
Neun Jahre Gefängnis für den Diebstahl von 10 Millionen Dollar in BTC

Wie CryptoPotato year berichtete, befand das US-Bezirksgericht in Seattle Volodymyr Kvashuk in 18 Anklagepunkten für schuldig. Er war von August 2016 bis zu seiner Entlassung im Juni 2018 als Software-Ingenieur beim multinationalen US-Technologiegiganten Microsoft tätig.

Das ursprüngliche Gerichtsurteil des US-Justizministeriums besagte, dass dem Ukrainer bis zu zwanzig Jahre Gefängnis drohen könnten. In der gestrigen Erklärung des DOJ hieß es jedoch, dass er neun Jahre hinter Gittern verbringen werde.

Kvashuk nutzte seine Position im Online-Einzelhandelsverkaufsprogramm von Microsoft, um “currency stored value (CSV)” wie digitale Geschenkkarten zu stehlen. Erstens stahl er kleinere Beträge von bis zu 12.000 Dollar über seinen eigenen Kontozugang. Er beschloss, die Schuld auf seine Kollegen zu schieben, indem er deren Konten und Passwörter benutzte, sobald die Gelder auf Millionen von Dollar anstiegen.

Schließlich schickte Kwaschuk Bitcoin im Wert von Millionen Dollar auf seine persönlichen Konten und setzte BTC-Mixer ein, um die Quellen zu verbergen.

“Den Arbeitgeber zu bestehlen ist schlimm genug, aber zu stehlen und den Anschein zu erwecken, dass Ihre Kollegen schuld seien, vergrößert den Schaden über Dollar und Cent hinaus. Dieser Fall erforderte ausgefeilte technologische Fähigkeiten, um zu ermitteln und strafrechtlich zu verfolgen, und ich freue mich, dass unsere Partner bei der Strafverfolgung und die US-Staatsanwaltschaft über die notwendigen Fähigkeiten verfügen, um solche Täter vor Gericht zu bringen. – kommentierte US-Staatsanwalt Brian T. Moran.

Teure Häuser und einen Tesla kaufen

In der Erklärung des DOJ hieß es, dass Kvashuk die Gelder verwendet habe, um “das Leben eines Millionärs zu führen”. Er kaufte ein 1,6 Millionen Dollar teures Haus am Seeufer und ein 160.000-Dollar-Tesla-Fahrzeug.

Das Gerichtsurteil behauptete ferner, dass Kvashuk keine Verantwortung für seine Handlungen übernommen habe. Stattdessen habe er “eine Reihe empörender Lügen” erzählt, als er aussagte. Die Ankläger glauben, dass Kwaschuk “keine Anzeichen dafür zeigte, dass er Reue oder Bedauern für seine Verbrechen empfindet”.

Interessanterweise sagte der Ukrainer während des Prozesses, er habe nicht die Absicht, Microsoft oder seine Kollegen zu betrügen. Er behauptete, er arbeite an einem “Sonderprojekt” zum Nutzen des Unternehmens.

Kwaschuk muss über 8 Millionen Dollar an Rückerstattung zahlen und kann nach seiner Haftstrafe abgeschoben werden.

Ethereums evige byttevolum krasjer som topp Altcoin fortsetter å ligge bak Bitcoin

Ethereums evige byttevolum har krasjet 56 prosent de siste fire dagene, ifølge IntoTheBlock-data.

Spesielt falt den kraftige nedgangen etter at den nådde 2020-høyden på 6,3 milliarder dollar.

Binance og Huobi utgjør tilsammen over 46 prosent av det kumulative volumet.

Handelsinteressen for Ethereum avkjøles

I motsetning til derivater, som futures og opsjoner, har evigvarende bytter – som først ble introdusert av den urolige BitMEX-børsen – ingen utløpsdatoer.

Dette er aldri leverte futureskontrakter som gjør det mulig for handelsmenn å gå lenge eller kort på en bestemt kryptovaluta med innflytelse.

Som rapportert av U.I dag nådde Ethereums evige bytte en ny heltidshøyde på BitMEX 14. august. Produktet anses allment å være ansvarlig for korreksjonen på 60 prosent som fant sted kort tid etter noteringen.

Tilbake i august lanserte slike børser som Immediate Edge til og med evigvarende bytter knyttet til indeksene til tokens fra det desentraliserte finansøkosystemet.

Etter at den spekulative gløden hadde avkjølt, begynte handelsmenn å miste interessen for Ethereum og DeFi-tokens.

Ethereum blir bedre enn Bitcoin

Bitcoins evige volum har tatt en enda brattere nedgang på 70 prosent (fra $ 8,07 milliarder 21. oktober til 2,38 milliarder dollar 26. oktober).

Imidlertid viser den ledende kryptovalutaen betydelig mer styrke enn den nærmeste utfordreren for sent.

Det siste Ethereum-rallyet ble ledet av Bitcoin, noe som blir tydelig når man tar en titt på den voksende dominansen som står som sin høyeste måned på 61,4 prosent, viser CoinMarketCap-data.

Bitcoin sitter igjen i førersetet. Etter å ha tatt ut 2020-høyden, er den nok en gang i det grønne i dag med en 1,57 prosent opptur. I mellomtiden er Ethereum nede i 0,92 prosent og klamrer seg fast på $ 400-nivået.