Bitcode Ai Review

As you can read on the Bitcode Ai website, profits of 550 US dollars per hour or 13,000 US dollars per day are possible. Based on the reviews of users, it becomes clear that traders can make immense profits with this innovative tool.

Bitcode Ai Review

Of course, it is clear that there is a certain scepticism towards the software as far as automated trading with the cryptocurrency is concerned. This raises a question as to whether the Bitcode Ai Bot works and whether the promise made is kept.

The following article provides information about this.

What is Bitcode Ai?

This refers to a software application that enables automatic trading with Bitcoin but also with other cryptocurrencies.
The robot makes it easy for any trader to make profits with cryptocurrencies. It does not matter whether the user is a professional or a novice.
Traders do not need to be financial experts for crypto trading. Thanks to the Bitcode Ai software, trading happens automatically. In the process, immensely large amounts of data are analysed at a speed that no human could ever achieve. Well-known currencies such as Bitcoin, Stella and Dash can be used.

Features & functionality


Who is actually behind Bitcode Ai?

The developer of Bitcode Ai is the well-known financial entrepreneur Steve McKay. Steve McKay’s modus operandi was to be an investor for a Wall Street firm and help major clients make huge profits with trading software.
McKay founded his own company and developed the Bitcode Ai robot. His credo is that everyone should have a chance to make such high profits as experienced traders who also understand the technology of this industry do.

Opinions about Bitcode Ai

I don’t understand my success and the statistics associated with it, nor can I explain my success. As an average man, I struggled with debt. Thanks to Bitcode Ai, I am now out of debt. Bitcode Ai finally gave me back control of my life and that is by no means meant jokingly.

Advantages and disadvantages

No fees: Only the usual fees are charged for trading. However, there are no other commissions or fees.
User interface: Bitcode Ai’s platform is quite easy to navigate and is the optimal tool especially for a beginner.
Very reputable: Bitcode Ai’s trading bot is a reputable bot thanks to its creator and its success.
Full control: Bitcode Ai’s settings can be adjusted to your own needs.
Demo account: It is recommended to first practice the appropriate settings with the free demo account before signing up.

No mobile app: You can only use the software with a web browser. Nevertheless, the platform works with internet apps such as iOS and Android.


The use of a trading robot is now very well known. Nevertheless, there are many of them that did not live up to the claims. But the Bitcode Ai Bot proves that automated trading is quite legitimate. What is also certain is that the high-tech algorithms are improving day by day.
Anyone who is now looking for a crypto trading bot that is not only reputable, but also offers the expectation of very good returns, should sign up with Bitcode Ai. However, it should always be kept in mind that not only profits are made, but there can also be occasional losses. Therefore, beginners in particular should only start with a small deposit. Only when the software has been understood can the stake be increased.

How does Bitcode Ai compare to other bots?

It can be assumed that Bitcode Ai is a serious trading bot that is much better than many other competitors. However, other bots are also available. Nevertheless, Bitcode Ai can be recommended without any restrictions.